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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please complete all of the following fields to place your reservation request for year end tax envelopes or pressure-sealed forms. A logistics specialist will contact you for the specifics of mailing or shipping your forms or envelopes, and to confirm the details of your order before billing via credit card over the phone. Your contact information MUST be correct in order for this transaction to be completed.

ORDERS ARE NOT CONFIRMED and will not ship until you have spoken on the phone with our live representative, and shipping costs, if any, have been prepaid. If you would prefer to order your forms or envelopes directly by phone, you may do so by calling TOLL-FREE: 1-833-814-1303 from 9a - 5p eastern time M-F excluding holidays.

For faster and more accurate processing, please use the specific form or envelope code corresponding to the form you need. You can refer to forms you have ordered from any printer or supplier in the past as these part names are fairly standardized across printers. Payroll and tax software often requires a specific kind of form and envelope matched up to that software specifically, so we will work to verify and validate that the type you are requesting is really the type you need. It is important to familiarize yourself with the proper type to order before you place your order.

Bill To:

Ship To (if different than bill to)

Fill in the fields below with the form or envelope style you need (DW387, DW4S, Single Window, Pressure Seal 14", etc) in the Style/Code column, and the total quantity you wish to reserve in the Quantity column. Include special instructions or other details in the text area below the table. A logistics specialist will contact you to confirm your details before your order is finalized.

Form Factor Style/Code Quantity Cost/piece Shipping
ACA Forms FREE if ordered before 10/25 - pay only shipping Your carrier/service, freight or UPS
W-2 Forms Cost varies by Form Your carrier/service, freight or UPS
1099 Forms Cost varies by Form Your carrier/service, freight or UPS
Envelopes Cost varies by Form Your carrier/service, freight or UPS
W-2 Inserts We pay you $.04 to $.10 per insert. Your carrier/service, freight or UPS

A PaydayPERX Logistics Specialist will follow up with you to review and confirm your order details within 1 business day of receiving your reservation form. Please call us at 1-833-814-1303 if you have not been contacted by phone and/or email within two business days. A complete confirmation of your order will be emailed to you upon successful submission of your order or renewal as well as a receipt for shipping prepayment.