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September 27, 2005 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, today announced it has added H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) as a client. H&R Block special offers, discounting the regular price for preparation of a 2005 personal tax return, will appear on over 4 million W-2’s and envelopes used by participating employers across the US in January 2006.

Employers and payroll service providers can receive these envelopes at no charge through PaydayPERX, paying only the price of shipping. Employers would otherwise spend up to eight cents per envelope, a substantial expense for large employers. This appeal to enterprise and midrange employers also dovetails with the value of the program to H&R Block, the nation’s largest federal tax preparation company.

Kevin Leek, Director of Business Development for H&R Block, said, “W-2s are the perfect vehicle for our offers in terms of timing, audience and open rate. We expect to receive exceptional visibility for our promotion and help many clients in tax offices across the US.”

The ability to place offers directly on the tax document ensures the messaging not only is available to taxpayers through the end of tax season, but more critically, that it reaches the exact audience H&R Block desires – employees who are seeking to receive their refund as soon as possible.

“This program from PaydayPERX assures that as soon as they receive their W-2, employees are guaranteed to have our offer, literally in-hand,” Leek explained.

PaydayPERX negotiates with large employers for the distribution of the envelopes, helping Block reach employees that match well with their target demographics.

This is the third year for the PaydayPERX free W-2 envelope program, and will be the first year for participation with offers from H&R Block.

Employers who would like to receive free W-2 envelopes pre-printed with the H&R Block offer for their employees should contact PaydayPERX on their contact page at


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