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October 15, 2010 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, today announced that their print volume for Tax Season 2010 W-2 forms and envelopes will exceed 7.8 million, compared to 5.2 million in 2009, based on advance orders.

This growth rate is significantly higher than the increases seen in previous years, which was driven primarily by acquisition of additional small business and increases in the number of employees at individual employers driving larger orders. The uptick is primarily due to a change in sales strategy, in which PaydayPERX works directly with large-scale payroll providers and W-2 forms printers, in addition to individual employers.

Dana Bromberg, President and CEO of PaydayPERX, explained the change. “Just as we have been able to fuel an increase in paper payroll check volume by servicing higher up the supply chain, we’ve seen enormous potential for growth by distributing through a key point of contact that can then distribute to their community of customers. We’re essentially using a Channel Partner relationship in addition to the success we’ve seen working with large employers directly.

The PaydayPERX offering is unique, as their W-2 pressure-sealed forms and W-2 envelopes are deeply discounted or free to the employer, who only pays the shipping cost; the forms are preprinted with a tax preparation discount coupon from a major tax preparer, and the tax preparer’s placement fees cover the costs of production.

The program is intended to provide a significant benefit at all levels – employees receive special discounts on services that are relevant to them; employers save on forms costs which goes to the bottom line; printers have more orders and no down time on their presses; and national brands reach critical demographic segments that are highly valuable and generally difficult to reach with other media.

Payroll providers and forms print manufacturers interested in more details about participating in the PaydayPERX year-end program should contact PaydayPERX on their contact page at


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