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You're probably here because something isn't working, and we apologize for the hassle.

If you think whatever is happening is unique to you, complete the support form below and let us know what's going on. We'll open a service ticket and respond to you with more information using the contact information you provide us.

If you think this is an issue that other people might also have had, be sure to check our support frequently asked questions.

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A technical support technician or merchant account executive will follow up with you, as appropriate, with solutions until you deem the issue to be closed/resolved. Please verify your contact information is correct in the confirmation after you hit submit; if your email address is incorrect we will be unable to follow up. If you need to make a correction, reload the page and complete another form with the correct information.

Please be sure to give us as much information as possible so that we can address your technical or redemption issue quickly and thoroughly with the merchant.

We seek to correct issues as soon as we are aware of them, but the nature of print runs and items that may be in circulation several months after their printing means some known issues might occur. Any current known issues will be listed in the box below.

Current Known Issues:

2020-08-04 04:32:24pm: No known issues at this time.