PaydayPERX Tech and Offer Support Frequently Asked Questions

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Current Known Issues:

2021-04-21 07:27:52pm: No known issues at this time.

Previous Issues:

2020-8-21 3:19PM EDT -- Logo image on failing to resolve. Bad link reported.

2020-8-21 4:02PM EDT fix confirmed, logo link corrected.

Merchants may still honor coupons from PaydayPERX printed checks even after the expiration date, but online offers are normally automated to reject expired codes. Chances are that we can get a fresh code for the same or a similar promotion from the merchant. Open a support ticket using our online form and specify the offer media (printed check , W-2 insert, online payroll site, etc), the code, the printed expiration date if any, and the details of your redemption experience. We will follow up with the merchant for a solution for you.

Merchants may change a URL or discontinue a page without properly setting up a redirect. Let us know the offer you were redeeming and the URL address where you're getting a 'page not found' error using the support ticket form and we will contact the merchant immediately to get the correct URL and alert them to the problem.

QR code technology is handled by an app on your phone. Sometimes this is an app you download separately, or it may be an app that came built-in on your phone. We have noticed that some providers, specifically AT&T, can redirect users to their own website if the QR code is sending the user to a missing page or if it is taking too long to load. It may be temporary if it's based on how long the connection is taking, or it may be a URL error on our or on the merchant's end if you go immediately and quickly to your phone provider's page.

Another possibility is that your QR scanning app is no longer supported and/or needs updated. Be sure to read the landing page text, which could be a message to that effect. If you know your QR reader is fine, and you try a few times and keep getting the wrong page, please alert us to the problem by completing the support ticket form. We will test the issue and contact the merchant to correct the problem.

You should use whichever browser you prefer.

We test our pages to look great in current/common versions of Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. We have noticed that sometimes one or another of these browsers will have an issue with the functionality of a submit button on a form, which could affect your use of this ( site, but should have no affect on offers displayed as images on other sites, which is a technology that goes back to HTML1.0 and the early days of Javascript.

If an offer isn't working, open a support ticket using our online form and specify the offer media (online banner, printed check coupon code, W-2 insert offer, QR code on a breakroom poster, etc) including any layout or other problem you're having in your browser. We'll test it out and get back to you, and where needed we will follow up with the merchant for a solution for you.

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