PaydayPERX connects employees to great savings, and employers to savings and revshare - by connecting marketers to their ideal audiences!

Connecting marketers to customers at work

  • 93% of employees shop before, during or after work, at least once per week. On payday, employees even have cash-in-hand!
  • More than half are eating outside the office at least 1x/workday. Groups of 3+ employees will go to the same restaurant together over 30% of the time
  • The price is about the same as traditional media. Buys can be created to fit virtually any budget.

Great savings for employees

  • Goods and services like Restaurants, Movie Tickets, Cellphone Services, Oil Changes and Fitness Clubs
  • Trusted National Brands like Walmart®, H&R Block®, Verizon®, Samsung®, Steak N' Shake® and WellRX®
  • Easy to redeem via textback or clickthroughs on your W-2 envelopes, on breakroom posters, on your online payroll and other placements

Employers save on bottom-line expenses

  • Low-cost printed items, like payroll stock at 50% off retail and FREE W-2 envelopes ( click here if you'd like to reserve some!
  • Employers can generate a revshare from each employee online payroll view per month
  • Employers can receive a royalty for each breakroom poster they hang, every quarter. (Hundreds of locations? Hundreds of royalties add up!)

National Brands in our network include:

What Customers Say:

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