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Perx at Work.

Employees get exclusive, curated offers; Employers get paid per view.
Marketers reach a captive audience where people spend most of their time: at work.

Engagement Opportunities for Marketers.

Cost Reduction Solutions for Employers.

PaydayPERX connects national brand sponsors to large-scale employers and service providers

Market at the Workplace

Reach Millions of Employees Across the US

Partner at the Workplace

Cut expenses and provide employee discounts at the same time

Customers and Partners

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Who is PaydayPERX?

Delivering great audiences to Marketers, and cost savings to HR teams, since 2002


Where it Started

Our origins were humble, but our concept has always remained the same: bring great offers to employees and make it easy for customers to work with us. We began in 2002 as a local phenomenon, placing paid offers for local pizza places and campgrounds on the back side of payroll stock. Then we gave it to local employers at no cost to them.

We rapidly grew to national scale in and launched our first tax form marketing program in 2006; it would quickly become our flagship product. In 2008, we launched the original online versions of our products, and still work with many of these customers to this day despite all the changes since then. Starting from just a few products, we've grown to curate a variety of media as well as operating in the MSP space. Click the button to see some recent samples.

How it's Going

Last year, PaydayPERX placed national brand offers on over 22 million W-2, 1099 and other employee tax forms and websites, saving employers hundreds of thousands of dollars on forms and envelopes, and delivering a highly engaged audience to tax preparers and other brands. Online payroll banners continue to reach employees directly on their existing intranet, for maximum impact and minimum disruption.

And we've added new workplace programs including vaccination clinic marketing campaigns that bundle display, search, email, call center and web page content into one simple IO, outperforming any single media approach outside the workplace by nearly 800%. Why is advertising in the workplace so much more effective than other approaches? Click the button to find out more about the Workplace Advantage.


What's Next for PaydayPERX

We continue to target our offerings to the needs of employers and the marketing goals of national consumer brands, developing innovative new programs like branded closed-community marketplaces.

In 2022 we launched PERX Multimedia to help digital marketers reach workplace and lookalike customer pools with the latest tracking and delivery technologies. And we continue to grow our strategic partnerships year over year.

"...With so much competition for lunch, putting our offers directly on the phones of ideal prospects at lunchtime made all the difference in several underperforming locations."
Judy Kadylak, District Marketing Director, Restaurant/QSR Vertical

Find Out More.

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