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Print and Digital Advertising for the Workplace

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Payroll Marketing

PaydayPERX targets moderate income employees on live paper checks and online payroll presentment. We offer a range of options to dial in on exactly the audience, reach and budget you're looking for.

  • Implied Endorsement - Offers appear on company payroll
  • Cash in-hand while viewing your message
  • Category exclusivity
  • Low clutter/limited space: No more than 4 offers/mo
  • Get repeat views/impressions at a low cost
  • Positive association with getting paid
  • Steady drip rather than a spike and a drop in views

9 Reasons to Advertise
on Tax Forms

PaydayPERX payroll and 1099 tax form marketing delivers unbeatable opportunity for year end and tax-related brands.

  1. Reach 25 million prospects at once
  2. Average refund is over $3,000
  3. Prime Exposure and never tossed as junk mail
  4. Doesn't waste extra paper
  5. Guaranteed open and view
  6. Not an interruption to what people are doing
  7. Category exclusivity
  8. No postage costs
  9. Results

Perx Multimedia

Dedicated to digital media 

Because the digital ecosystem has evolved into something very different than the world of print media - workplace and otherwise - last year PaydayPERX launched a dedicated brand specifically dedicated to our online ad models.

  • Programmatic Display, Search Retargeting, in-app and so much more
  • Set-price buying rather than complex or unpredictable bidding
  • The power of digital advertising with the simplity of a print insertion order

Vaccination Clinic Marketing

HR Teams endorse your clinics!

Business offices want to avoid absenteeism with the least disruption possible. We use our call center, plus highly targeted email drip campaigns to develop demand and sign offices and business locations up for your clinics. 


  • Integrated multi-touch call and email outreach
  • Uses our mail systems, so no spam risks
  • HR departments grow and eagerly renew your programs year after year

PaydayPERX and Perx Multimedia

Our placement options aren't the only thing that makes us a little different.

  • Your ideal audience

    Without the interruptions. Whether on our curated networks or a programmatic delivery, your ads are guaranteed to be seen by the audience you dial in.

  • You define success

    We start with your goals and metrics, not ours. Orient your campaigns around activations, cost of acquisition, ROAS or other KPIs and we'll fill in the blanks.

  • Long term growth

    With a unique combination of placements and a broad spectrum of audiences, PaydayPERX builds robust campaigns that can run for days, or for decades.

  • Solve problems, fill gaps

    PaydayPERX goes beyond revolving door transactions and seeks to do the things that traditional agencies, MSPs and outsourced providers can't do.

  • Scales with you

    While our programs are built for national-scale B2C advertisers, we also can deliver campaigns direct to HR or at regional or local franchise scale on many of our product options.

  • Priced for your budget

    We offer flexible options and many different pricing models, and can accommodate many different invoicing needs to ensure that budget shortfalls or cashflow are not a barrier for working with PaydayPERX.

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