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PaydayPERX for Employers

Cost offsets for Payroll, HR and Procurement teams
from sponsored offers that delight associates.

Leverage your existing space and documents

Nothing new to install or manage: PaydayPERX helps you get more from the systems and forms you already use.


How does it work?

National brands want to reach their ideal audience, and you want to reduce costs while supporting and protecting your own brand. These two ideas come together in a unique solution from PaydayPERX: National Brand offers placed on the forms and intranet sites you already have.

  • We work directly with the largest payroll and tax form paper producers in the industry to print national brand offers directly on live check stock and printed tax forms.
  • You can purchase these forms through your normal print broker or directly from PaydayPERX - for little or no cost other than shipping!
  • National brands pay your cost of production instead of you, in return for presenting their exclusive offers to your employee base
  • Online, it's even simpler: We give you an easy-to-install HTML script that pulls your offers from our secure server and displays them on your online HR page, and you are compensated for every view of that page..

How is PaydayPERX Different?

With over 20 years of experience working closely with HR, Payroll and Procurement professionals and placing desirable offers on the most secure and sensitive forms - employee payroll and tax - we differ significantly from other companies in the 'Employee Discount' space.

  • We build your brand, not ours
  • We use your existing forms, not ours
  • You don't pay us any subscription - in fact, we pay you
  • We don't make you install a program or go to some other site, we use your existing ones
  • You approve all offers before they run
  • We compensate you for your site traffic, not purchases
  • We handle all changeouts, support, reporting, and print management

Program Benefits

Our curated network of national brands offsets your costs in return for reaching your associates.

  • Reduce a Bottom Line Cost

    Reducing your hardline payroll expense benefits the company at an Operational level, so growth comes with lower costs.

  • Engage Employees

    Giving associates additional reasons to log in to your site and review their payroll information means they'll be seeing more of your messaging, too.

  • Maintain Focus

    PaydayPERX brings scale and continuity to your existing employee discounts, offloading the legwork of securing your own offers so you can stay focused on core business needs.

  • Simplify Cost Quoting

    When your forms or envelopes are literally free, you don't have to spend as much time comparing quotes from vendors or negotiating for the best price.

  • Employee Enrichment

    Associates like great discounts from name brands, and with lower hard costs you can spend the offset on more training and better materials as well.

  • Scales with your Company

    The larger your company is and the more views these offers receive, the greater the total benefit. PaydayPERX does not place a ceiling on the dollar amount of the benefit from the programs we offer. As you grow, it grows with you.

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